Identification stamp dati 4600 > Type T

Days 1 - 31

  • Sleeve with identifier.
  • Adjustable insert with an indicator arrow.
  • Mounting- / setscrew
  • Material for sleeve and adjustable insert: brass, Ms58 (CuZn39Pb2)
  • Inscription laterally reversed recessed
  • Recessed engraving

To screw in insert:
• Turn clockwise
• Continue to turn as possible
To adjust insert:
• Turn clockwise or
• Check height adjustment
To change insert:
• Turn continuously
• The insert will raise
• Remove adjustable insert
At the end of each year, the adjustable insert
with year is changed in a matter of seconds by
removing and screwing it in.
- Stop production, open mould.
- Change insert, set date
- Continue production.
- Check setting on moulded part.